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Lab Integration
Maximizing your
testing potential

Materials Testing Equipment

We offer CALIBRATION SERVICE for your tensile equipment and more! Visit the contact section to reach us.

As a leader in its industry, Lab Integration offers a complete line of products and services to take care of your materials testing needs. Our complete line of testing machines are complemented by a whole series of accessories such as load cells, extensometers, grips and fixtures and an incomparable offering of software that are based on an SQL database for easy and flexible data analysis.

And as we are ISO 17025 accredited, we can provide the complete solution that includes not only instrumentation and software but also calibration, service and training.

Leading Solution Specialists

Our many years servicing our customers in all fields of activity has given us an edge in developing new and effective solutions and we are pleased to offer you our experience in solving your testing application today.


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Meet Us in Toronto at Plast-Ex 2017 !!!



TESTLOOP C Built No. released

For existing users, login to our site to download your latest version of Testloop and make sure to read the associated Release Notes......


Successful move into our new facilities

Located in Sherbrooke, Québec, our new offices and workshop are the perfect environment to provide you with the products and services you have come to expect from Lab Integration..  Get our new coordi...