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Lab Integration is a young yet extremely experienced company dedicated to materials testing.

Starting in June of 2002, Lab Integration was then offering universal testing machine upgrades along with calibration and repair services. A whole range of accessories was also integrated in our product lineup and their number and variety has just kept growing ever since.

In 2004, seeing how data and software were becoming so important, Lab Integration hired its own staff of software developers and in September of 2005, Testloop C version 2 was released and that triggered a huge change in the industry about of how a test should be done but, even more important, how test results are handled. And with the venue of our recent Testloop S for SPC and reporting, data analysis has changed.

In 2006, it started designing and manufacturing universal testings machine and, today, we have over 20 models available.

From the design and production of its own electronics for testing machines starting in 2009, Lab Integration is now venturing into new solutions with the development of a new smart remote control and “test cells” that can be used with Testloop C not only to gather data from testing machines but also from all the “measurement cells” located throughout a plant.

Lab Integration maximizes your testing potential by providing innovative solutions and by sharing cutting-edge knowledge to contribute to your business development

We use the following values to dictate our priorities and to guide our day to day activities:


We believe wastage is a crime.  Any form of wastage – time, talent, resources – should be eliminated

We believe that preserving our clients’ resources and improving upon them are always better than selling our clients more than what they need

We believe whole system issues are resolved by paying attention to its parts

We believe testing is an integral step of any production process

We believe assessment and measurement are the foundation of efficiency improvement.  At our core, we design flexible, simple and easy tools for all manufacturing assessment needs

We believe in our team of experts – they know what they are doing and, more importantly, why they are doing it

We believe each and every one can be a valuable contributor. Lab Integration is committed to support and benefit from all expertise

We believe in keeping our word.  Period.