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Load Cells

We offer very competitive load cells for many application and you will most likely find yours in our offering. The main characteristics of our load cells are:

Load cells, force transducers or dynamometers all work the same way and the differences lies mainly in how they are calibrated and the classification of their accuracy although when load cells are used to measure a load/weight so they work in compression first.

For the purpose of simplification, all of our loads cells are really dynamometers measuring force and their nomimal capacity are expressed in N of kN. So when we list a load cell of 25 kN, it is also good to measure a weight of 2500 kg or 2.5 T as well as a 5620 lbs.

Most of the sensor we have are also available in kg or T and if the option is available, it will be listed in the option list below the list of products.

Canister Compression Flat High Precision Integrated Amplifier / Display Load Beams Miniature S-Type Ring Force