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Lab Integration » Universal Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machines

Lab Integration designs and manufactures testing machines that not only meets the highest standard of quality but also propose the best complete set of specifications to execute your testing in confidence.

Every machine is designed with precise and low friction components such as recirculating ball screws, linear guides and rotary bearings with a design specification of 100 % duty cycle, yet most instruments rarely run more than 5% of the time at any given day.  This insures that your instrument will remain reliable for a very long time, especially that they all come equipped with long lasting Brushless DC motors.

Add to your equipment our maintenance plan and your investment in a Lab Integration instrument will bring you peace of mind so that you will be able to focus on developing and consolidating your business.

Three levels of control electronics are offered on most machines which are: PRO, EXPERT and DYNAMIC.  Select a capacity below so that you can see the difference between them.

1 kN 2.5 kN 5 kN 10 kN 25 kN 50kN 100 kN 300 kN