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To keep your instrumentation and software up to date and to provide you with the information you need, you can rely on our team of experts to react quickly to your request.  Your time is precious and your instruments are valuable.  A good maintenance program and the right information will optimize your investment.

Evaluation Request


Software Downloads

Once you have purchased any of our TESTLOOPTM software, it is yours for life and always available to download for our web site.  Log on here to have access to your versions.

Software Maintenance

Obtain the latest features and maintain compatibility by subscribing to the TESTLOOPTM MAINTENANCE program.  But wait, there is more to it than a simple software update.  Read more…


We offer the complete calibration service for just about any force measuring instrument. We are an ISO 17025 company. You can get the Lab Integration ISO 17025 Scope here

E-mail us, call us or fill out the calibration request form so that we can start to plan your calibration work on time.

Service, parts and upgrades

Get the right parts for your instrument and if it does not exist, we’ll make it. Our years of experience with many testing machines and our capacity to upgrade (see of product offering) any instruments puts you in good hands when your equipment requires attention.

 E-mail us, call us or fill out the service request form so that we can get your equipment fully functional quickly.


Rely on our experts to provide you not only with the proper training on your equipment but on how it can be used to test your products.  We are available for on-site training session that can be general or very focused and customized to your needs.

 You can also participate in our general training session.  The schedule is here…

For those of you that have participated in our most recent training event, you can download the Testloop C v4 Training manual in pdf or the French version, Formation Testloop C v4.

 E-mails us, call us or fill out the training request form so that we can put together your own session with our expert in your field.

 For off-site support, see about our software maintenance program above.

Installation & Relocation

We have the experience and the equipment to manipulate instruments this size.  We can assist you in installing and moving your equipment safely for the instrument, our staff and your facilities.

E-mail us, call us or fill out the service request form to prepare for the move.


Click on the links below to download the required manual: